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Go to balance, deposit, create a new wallet address and transfer the cryptocurrency onto it.
Cryptoda works with a minimum commission, so it is profitable for exchangers to cooperate with us.
You need to use Cryptoda tokens. The accrual of tokens is made for each exchange. 0.5% of the exchange amount is received by both parties of the exchange in CDA tokens.
You can exchange CDA token for funds according to the current rate of our platform.
Each exchange is supported by token capitalization. The rate of the token will increase in direct proportion to the reduction of the tokens for operations accrual. Also, the burning of tokens will be spent on a commission, which means that there will be less tokens and more consumers.
The platform commission is minimal, and CDA tokens are not removed at all. Therefore, exchangers on our platform can set the best cryptocurrency rates and compete with the top exchangers
We charge 0.5% Commission from the exchanger. Which can be redeemed tokens Cryptoda(CDA) 30% of the Commission. Customers do not pay Commission.